Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We arrived in Flagstaff Tuesday afternoon and caught the cab (the hotel picked up the tab) to the Holiday Inn Express on Lucky Lane. D immediately located the TV and I headed off in search of supplies. It's about a one mile walk from the Holiday Inn Express, across the BNSF mainline, and west along Route 66, to the Albertson's, where I picked up a few tubes of waterproof sunscreen and a case of beer.

The orientation was in the hotel lobby, where our ammo boxes and dry bags were waiting for us. D was Petroglyph and #145; I was River Otter and #95. D noted the absence of folks between 17 and 50. I guess it's a demographic that's too old to go with parents; too young or too poor or too busy to take their kids or to go on their own (the crew, on the other hand, were all in the 25-45 range).

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